Month: December 2014

The End of 2014

As the end of 2014 draws near, one is often compelled to reflect on all the happenings of the year. I hope the reader will be capable of searching deep within themselves, truly ruminating on all the events of the previous year in an effort to derive wisdom which will serve to better the year

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In a world of mass media and mass email and group messages and group texts and group meetings, it is important to keep something in mind: the messages sent may be small electrical impulses and packets of data traveling through the interwebs; however, the recipients are not those things. Indeed, I assert that the recipients

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The science of setting goals

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How to make New Year’s resolutions that actually work out this time. It’s the time of year when optimism strikes anew and we think to ourselves: our New Year’s resolutions will totally work out this time. Never mind that we abandoned them by Valentine’s Day last year. And the year before. And, well,…