Month: August 2015

When I Am Dust

To the darkness I would have never turned, if it had not been for such a crime unjust, though you grow within a home unearned, what shall you do when I am dust? On my vital essence you feast and dine, growing round and plump with your greedy lust, bathing yourself in my heart’s red wine, on

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My Dislike for Ailuropoda Melanoleuca

Today I’m speaking about a particular organism that is beloved by a great number of people. And my intention is to expound upon why I do not find this particular organism cute or lovable or worth revering, especially when one beholds the myriad other wonderful organisms found—and are being found—on this planet. I know not everyone

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The Simple Pleasures

A dear friend of mine has spent—and continues to spend—a portion of his free time cultivating a vegetable garden. Nothing short of a private horticultural marvel, it has yielded large and delicious victuals that have resulted in tasty creations. Although impressive, perhaps I’m talking this humble garden up too much. When speaking about vegetation destined for

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I Killed HIS Baby.

Originally posted on RAH'S MIRROR:
I have come across the inspiration, again, to write about something that is extremely hard for me to write. It is real. It is painful. It is something that I am scared to tell you about. It is a secret that I have kept for too long. It is…