A Zika State of Mind

Going for a Three-Peat

It is important to scrutinize all ideas and opinions and arguments one encounters in daily life, even those adduced by the humble author of these words. Questioning the validity of a proposition is the first step towards discovering whether it is tenable and, in the parlance, worth its weight in salt. This becomes especially true of assertions made by authority figures, as those individuals tend to proffer meretricious baubles in lieu of assertions backed by reason and evidence.

My followers will undoubtedly be familiar with my scorn for the Zika virus and my contempt for the public health practitioners that promulgate the tenuous proposition: Zika causes microcephaly. The reader may also be aware that I have been dissecting and criticizing the statements and conclusions made about Zika. I’m not convinced Zika causes microcephaly.




Since the whole of the public health community endeavors to stop the spread of Zika, I fear the true cause of microcephaly will remain undiscovered for a considerable time. And this could have harmful consequences.

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