The Black Snake

Time shall unfold what plighted cunning hides, Who cover faults, at last shame derides.

It would seem we are quite forlorn of adequate news coverage concerning the atrocities being committed on Native American land. Please don’t misunderstand me; a number of articles have been published in print and online that have covered some aspects of the events taking place just north of the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. However, the mainstream media seems to be all too concerned with the tweets of the President-elect and the tirades of Kanye West to take notice of the roiling tumult that now besets North Dakota.

However, with the events that have transpired in the last twenty-four hours, I hope that the mainstream media will shift their attention towards this pressing matter.

As with all topics, we must do quite a bit of research so we can properly discuss this contentious pipeline, lest we are accused of intersecting any modicum of truth too briefly or accidentally.

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How to Move Forward in a World With Zika

The Once and Future Virus

As this U.S. election cycle should demonstrate—as is true of all election cycles—the problems that besieged society prior to the election still persist, and our concerted efforts are still required should we hope to solve them.

Disease outbreaks are one such problem.

Although I had previously admonished the media for giving too much time to the cousin of dengue, Zika still worries public health officials around the globe, worries that aren’t supported by a substantial amount of causal evidence, and our future in relation to Zika—among other diseases—needs to be discussed. What also needs to be discussed are possible alternatives to the cause of Zika. Don’t worry, I don’t intend to dwell on Zika for too long.

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